The Need for Success

We consolidate quality processes

  • We are an exporter of tropical fruits.
  • Our products are backed by over 20 years of experience.
  • We have certifications: ORGANIC, GLOBALGAP, FLO, SA 8000.
  • We encourage Cooperative Association type or group.
  • Working under BSCI normatives.
  • We are located in a privileged geographical position.
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Acerca de Fruta Rica

Fruta Rica company formed in 2000 to market bananas and tropical fruits. With experience since 1993. We have managed to establish our relationships based on trust, as a result of a serious and consistent work.

We have learned the importance of working together to share experiences and needs of small and medium producers banana, always looking to meet social and environmental standards.

We establish a factor called “The Necessity of Success” with current competitive conditions the only way to achieve this is by standardizing quality.

In these times of change confirm the requirement of strengthening and improvement of all, but especially in production where more attention is needed to equalize living standards.

We confirm our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Our products are backed by more than 20 years of experience in the commercialization of renowned brands. Our quality specifications have always been the same and has established on a guarantee so much for the buyers as the producers and suppliers.

We. have developed, with the same philosophy, new brands for new markets.

Also, since 2005 we have commercialized organic banana and we incursion in the Fair Trade with organic banana and conventional banana.

Just as the organic banana as the Fair Trade, they are upheld with strict rules from the cultivation to the sale. The minimum price guaranteed and the benefits of the commerce helps better the conditions of life to all who take part of the chain of production. The consumer has the assurance that, once the organic banana is consumed and Fair trade of Fruta Rica, that they have consumed a product of quality with the right certification and the sale will help the small producers which have changed their quality of life through this exchange of mutual benefits.

The fruit that we export and depending on the niche of the market, is backed by the certifications of ORGANICA, GLOBALGAP and FLO.

The organizations that back our certifications with: CONTROL UNION and CERES.

Organic Certification: Guarantees the natural cultivation of the fruit, without the use of chemicals to protect the environment.
Certification GLOBALGAP: It is a standard that guarantees the nourishment, labor protection and of the environment.
CERTIFICATION FLO: The producers receive a fair price and additional pay which is invested in social-ecological projects in their region of origin.
OTHER CERTIFICATIONS: We are in the process of registration and completion of BSCI norms (business social compliances initiative) .
SA 8000 : We are also in the process of being certified through SA8000

Fruta Rica supports the producer in the whole cycle of cultivation, from the seeding to the harvesting, together with our employees, reaching the highest productivity possible. We have adopted the grouping type corporation or association between the small producers, organic harvest overall and Fair Trade so much so that we have maintained a tight commercial relationship with the following institutions: BIOPRODUCCION, AGROVERDE, SAN MIGUEL DE BRASIL, CERRO AZUL, ASOCIACIÓN DE PEQUEÑOS PRODUCTORES, TIERRAFERTIL.

SEATRADE, a solid contract with the navigators.
CARTOPEL, the largest provider of boxes in the country.
TRILEX, provision of stickers and plastic wraps.

Ecuador is located over the equatorial line in south America, which has territory on both hemispheres.

Located in a privileged geographical position, it houses territory with infinite types of terrain. Ecuador is islands, mountains, plains, beaches and forests. Ecuador is one of the richest countries in the planet. The great concentration of biodiversity in its regions gives miles of unique floral and fauna species.

Petroleum has been the main income for the country making Ecuador one of the main exporters of this resource. After the banana, other products of significance for the economy of the country are cofee, cocoa, shrimp, tilapia, wood, tuna and as of lately flowers.

Nuestras Certificaciones

The fruit that we export and depending on the niche of the market, is backed by the certifications of ORGANICA, GLOBALGAP and FLO.

  • Certificación ORGANICA
  • Certificación GLOBALGAP
  • Certificación FLO
  • Normas BSCI
  • SA 8000